10 Thanksgiving Vase Ideas (5)
10 Thanksgiving Vase Ideas (5)

10 Thanksgiving Vase Ideas

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Thanksgiving is near and we are all grateful and happy that one year has passed and that it has brought us all kinds of great experiences. However, Thanksgiving isn’t just about being grateful, even though this is the main idea. It’s also about being a good host and part of that is creating beautiful decorations for your guests.

After we discussed thanksgiving candles in the previous article, we will discuss more important things in this event, the vase used as home decoration. Before continuing this discussion let’s look at 10 vase images below.

Pumpkin and beautiful decoration with flowers and colorful decorations and bursts with energy. Pumpkin stems are oases so once you place them there you can start adding flowers, leaves and more. With this look, the atmosphere of thanksgiving will be even more special. If you want to make a glass or glass vase, you can use a combination of dried leaves and pine cones for the base before decorating the flowers.


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