15 Thanksgiving Candle Ideas (1)
15 Thanksgiving Candle Ideas (1)

15 Thanksgiving Candle Ideas

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Bozideas.com – When we hear the word candle and with an article with a thanksgiving theme our minds are immediately drawn to a romantic and warm atmosphere. Now, this is what I want to present to make this year’s thanksgiving interesting.

A little story about Thanksgiving Celebration is an important part of the United States (US). For Americans, this celebration is a longstanding tradition and is celebrated every November 26 or a month before Christmas. Thanksgiving is synonymous with a family dinner party with a roast turkey main course.

During the American Civil War, many battles and conflicts caused suffering for Americans. But in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued an official letter so that every 4th week in November became National Thanksgiving Day. Since that determination, Lincoln invites all Americans to take time to give thanks for everything America has gone through, both the suffering and the injuries suffered by citizens due to the war, leaving everything in God’s mercy.

From Thanksgiving History above, we can understand the importance of this event. By providing a beautiful concept for this event, especially the selection of the right candle will create the right atmosphere too. I will share 15 ideas about candles through the pictures below DIY or buy them.


From the picture above we can deduce the materials used that you need to prepare thanksgiving candles.

Pumpkin, candles with the aroma of spices, apples, or pumpkin, selected dried leaves and pine leaves. If there are no original leaves, we can use paper leaves instead. For other combinations, glass cups, Napkin rings as a combination. After all the ingredients are ready, let’s be creative. Good luck, my friend, to impress thanksgiving this year.

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