8 Concept Ideas for Thanksgiving This Year
8 Concept Ideas for Thanksgiving This Year

8 Concept Ideas for Thanksgiving This Year

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Concept Ideas for Thanksgiving This Year

Every Thursday in November, there is a thanksgiving celebration in the United States. Thanksgiving celebrations themselves are carried out in several other countries, although not at the same time as the United States. In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October.

During the Thanksgiving celebration, they gathered together with their families. Not only special food offerings but the home decor was also noticed. The house is decorated with creative and funny so it gives a pleasant impression. Although in Indonesia itself does not participate in celebrating Thanksgiving, the concept of their thanksgiving decorations can be imitated and applied so that the house looks more attractive and pleasant.

Bozideas.com will erase your curiosity. Please view the following thanksgiving decoration ideas.

1. Porch

When you are decorating for Thanksgiving, start with your front porch. What better way to say “welcome” than with a beautiful outdoor Thanksgiving decoration. Your family and guests will appreciate the grandeur of this season. If you want to see more pictures I can present them on the previous website 45 Awesome Porch Ideas for Thanksgiving.

2. Tablescape

Thanksgiving is synonymous with family gatherings. Casual Chic with a touch of orange can be a fun fashion code. Combine with dishes that display rustic charm, such as a wooden table that is given a touch of orange runner, and pumpkin skin to hold pumpkin soup cream. Gerbera flowers can be placed on a table, or cut short stems and arranged in a small vase.To find ideas with pictures about Tablescape Ideas for Thanksgiving in a previous article.

3. Wall

Think about your favorite room. Try to imagine the texture, color, and writing for this year’s thanksgiving. The wall is an important side that supports the decoration of the house or room. So that the atmosphere of thanksgiving was increasingly felt, the walls of the house were decorated creatively and uniquely. For example, with words that express gratitude, pumpkin-shaped hiasana or even use maple leaves. Describe all the objects in it with interesting words or messages so that the thanksgiving program is more felt. With an interesting concept that does not need to be excessive, room decor becomes more varied and beautiful. Imitate it for home decoration looks like an interesting idea right?

4. Sofa Cushions

The pillowcases on the cute cushions on the living room couch were replaced with a thanksgiving pillow. Even though it looks trivial, the idea of replacing pillowcases also makes room decor seem more fused and fused. Comfortable to look good it’s worn. Let’s use the pillow function well for this year’s thanksgiving design.

5. Candles

Using wax doesn’t mean you have to be without electricity. Beautifully decorated candles can function as a support for room decoration. With creative ideas and materials that are easy to get, the candles seem luxurious. Not only for decoration in the family room, this creative candle decoration concept can also be emulated for aromatherapy candles in the home bathroom. Besides looking beautiful, of course it can also make you feel calmer.

6. Vase

Decorating a table with beautiful flowers in a vase is a familiar concept. If you want to look different, the concept of a flower vase can apply this idea. By utilizing bottles or used items that are still feasible, the vase can be filled with tree branches that are hung with small paper containing quotes.

7. Fireplace

After dinner, your guests will definitely sit and chat in the living room, so make use of the fireplace to spell the heart of the holiday. This is the most important thing for the perfect appearance of your home.

8. Party

Thanksgiving is synonymous with partying with friends or hanging out with family. Casual Chic with a touch of orange can be a fun fashion code. Combine with a dish that features rustic charm, for example a wooden table given a touch of orange runner, and pumpkin shell to accommodate a cream of pumpkin soup. Gerbera flowers can be placed just on the table, or cut short stems and arranged in small vases.

We will discuss more about Thanksgiving in the next article. We will complete 8 Concept Ideas for Thanksgiving This Year to be more inspiring to find ideas before the Thanksgiving event arrives. Thank you and I am waiting to share.

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