Best DIY Decoration for Halloween (22)
Best DIY Decoration for Halloween (22)

Best DIY Decoration for Halloween

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There are thousands of Halloween decorations that you can buy in stores, but often they look boring and cheap, right? Why not make your own decoration? By using household materials, you can make your own ghosts, bats, spiders and pumpkins! This is how you do it.

Wonder why Halloween is synonymous with pumpkin? Here goes the answer!

Approaching Halloween on October 31, you may find pumpkins everywhere more and more. Orangnye colored fruit is often carved to resemble a scary face as decoration. Or also decorated as a lantern that illuminates Halloween night.

So one of the most awaited celebrations in the world every year, Halloween does have a lot of uniqueness. Starting from history, decorations, celebratory parties, all interesting to be discussed and prepared to welcome the coming of Halloween.

Spiders, bats and black cats are three animals that are often used as icons in Halloween celebrations and decorations.

Spiders and their webs are the most often found in a place or house that has a Halloween party. The spider is considered a terrible, mystical creature, and is believed to be a symbol of misfortune for the person who intentionally killed it. Based on a myth believed in medieval times, spiders were also considered to be the embodiment of the spirit of someone who had died and came to earth to visit his family.

Remember one scene in the Harry Potter series and the Sorcerer’s Stone? Precisely when McGonagall transformed into a cat while watching in class.

Yes, cats are often seen as another embodiment of magicians. In addition, just like a spider, if accidentally crossed or even crashed into a black cat, bad luck is believed to befall you afterwards.

Meanwhile, bats as nocturnal creatures are considered to be able to symbolize the transition of time from day to night, just as Halloween celebrations begin. Just like cats can be incarnations of witches, bats are also believed to be incarnations of blood-sucking vampires

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